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The landscape of digital marketing and companies in the space are constantly evolving, adapting, disrupting and propelling content delivery and unique customer friendly experiences to new levels.


For example, if you follow disruptive communication companies such as SnapChat, you might know that they have been working quietly behind the scenes making strategic partnerships with the likes of Uber, FourSquare, TripAdvisor and OpenTable. Why would they want these very consumer driven and digitally focused companies as partners? Well, for one these companies are all leader brands within their respective industries and have millions of users, but most importantly because SnapChat has rolled out their geo-location context cards, which now turn snaps into location based search queries.  What does this mean in English?  Look at video from SnapChat to understand the concept. <<<<SnapChat video >>>>>


This is just one example of how a company is looking to create or leverage a platform, in this case SnapChat, admittedly used more often by the millennial generation, to meet their customers needs right inside their app. Need a lift to the restaurant? Uber is there. Need to make reservations at the restaurant? OpenTable is there? This is the experience that customers now expect and anything less is cumbersome and frankly becoming obsolete.


So then, how do we take this example of disruptive communication app technology (SnapChat), and liken it to our marketing content strategy.  


3 Ways to Develop a Disruptive Content Strategy to Increase Traffic and Gain Die Hard Fans Over Time.


Well, first think of who your target audience is and the buyer personas that make up this audience so you can custom tailor content that truly resonates with them. Now think of all the types of communication methods, techniques, channels that your audience receives or gets bombarded with during the sale cycle.  More than likely you will begin to form a check list of both traditional and non-traditional methods. For example,TV spots,radio spots,billboards,industry conferences,email marketing, webinars,social media,podcasts, video blogs, blogs,print advertising, paid media (Google PPC ads), display advertising,direct mail campaigns etc..


Secondly, now that you’ve made your list of all the communication channels that are delivering your value proposition sales message to your target audience and buyer personas, now try to focus on just one or two that is not being used too frequently within your industry. Why would you use a channel that is not used to frequently by your industry? Because it’s highly probable that this is the channel that can be the most disruptive if you create killer content. Perhaps the old-school guard doesn’t think this less used channel is the right channel to communicate your company’s marketing and sales message, but trail blazers in other industries swim against the current all the time, and it works.

Lastly, be prepared to review your new content strategy results with an eagle eye. Be cautious that you don’t give up too quickly on your new disruptive content strategy because you don’t get 500 or more views the first week, and don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get in 1,000 marketing qualified leads in the first month. Remember you are trying to build an audience of die-hard fans, raving fans, which will not only be your future top advocates, but they will also push your company to innovate and get better. It’s a matter of quantity over quality, the numbers are important, but they are not the sole measurement of your new content strategy’s success. Be patient. Be persistent. Be real. Be Active. Fail Fast.


Below are some books and video links to some of my favorite disruptive content ideas, vlogs, which can bring some inspiration during your journey into creating your new and disruptive marketing channel.

Best vlog in my opinion for marketing/media geeks and business entrepreneurs (Rated R Warning): DailyVee , Killing Marketing a thought leaders book by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, Nail It then Scale It, by Nathan Furr and Paul Ahlstrom and check out RedBull’s YouTube page (this is a company that does it best— create your own media brand to connect and create raving fans!)


If you want to learn more about creating a disruptive communication channel for your organization, reach out to us at: info@digitechy.com

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