10 Steps to create a successful business

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Create a successful business or owning a sustainable business is the dream of every entrepreneur, a dream that only few can achieve. There are no secrets to business success, but here I share a brief guide that will take you step by step in creating a company with reference to the cases of some successful entrepreneurs.
1. Define the reasons for creating your company.
Many entrepreneurs create their company only with the idea of ??making money and at the first hurdle surrender. The greatest entrepreneurs in history agree that the money was not his priority at the start, and the reasons that led them were passion, desire to excel and ideals to change the world.
Take a sheet and identifies at least 3 reasons (besides making money) for which venture to create a company and assume the risks involved, once you have found these reasons always have reasons to keep going even if the profits of the company to principle than expected.
2. Pick a simple business idea.
Perfect business ideas do not exist. Most entrepreneurs remain lifelong expecting a profitable business without risk, and ultimately never undertaken because they have “the best idea.”
Do not stay stuck trying to reinvent the wheel, looking for a simple idea and starts, and then you will go to shape as you progress.
3. It poses a profitable business model.
After choosing your idea is one of the most important steps: Define the business model. This work requires your full concentration should take a leaf and answer:
What is my product or service?
Will I make the product or just to sell it?
Who will I sell?
What means will be used to carry my product delivered to the customer?
What does my product that does not have competition?
And all questions related to how you will develop your business idea.
4. Make a good business plan.
The business plan is a great business paradigm, most entrepreneurs produce them without even having the slightest idea of ??its usefulness.
A business plan allows you to organize your idea and simulate their performance on the market, but beware, do not waste too much time working on a plan, just try to organize a good document (as short as possible) and passes the plan into action without think twice.
In addition, the business plan is indispensable when you do not have own capital to undertake, most funding sources will want to know in detail your company.
5. Put together a good team.
“If you can meet all your goals alone, maybe these are not big enough.”
Find a team of people who are committed and passionate like you for your project is not easy, but it is essential to count on the support and the complement of a good team.
Experts recommend people seek complementary, with ideals and thoughts different from ours. The team members must be positive and give you strength and encouragement when you feel urge to throw it all away.
6. Finance your business properly.
There are different ways to finance a business, choose the most convenient will be a crucial success factor of your new company.
Avoid the mistake of “over-indebtedness” at first have to minimize costs as much as possible. If you have to resort to the financial market for money, compares the different interest rates and take the lowest and that you provide payment facilities.
Remember that a good business plan will be easy to access capital from government support programs or private investors.
7. Start once for all.
You get the idea, the plan, equipment and money … it begins once and for all, do not give more around the bush and leaps into the void. This crucial moment is called “From the Idea to the harsh reality” by Andy Freire.
It’s time to test your ability as an entrepreneur, it is no longer paper or a simulator, is real life and have to face all kinds of challenges. Always remember: “When the going gets difficult is because you are going up.”
At this point you should be especially careful with the legal issue, an issue that many entrepreneurs ignore.
8. Promote your company all possible ways.
You already have a business, it is time that everyone knows.
Prepare all kinds of clever advertising to attract customers to your business. Flayers, banners, loudspeakers, advertising media, etc. Anything goes when it comes to promoting your business.
Do not forget to create your own web site and accounts on social networks, the Internet is an economical and easy way to attract customers.
9. Learn all about your business.
Knowing your customers, suppliers and competition will be critical to making your company competitive. You must listen to your environment, give your customers what they want, create mutually beneficial relationships with your suppliers and analyzes the strategy of your competition.
Attend business conferences and trade shows is another good idea training, in addition to books and seminars that allow you to acquire strategies to implement in your company.
10. Set your growth strategy.
Most companies get stuck with a small portion of the market that generates enough to survive and keep their own money, however, a true entrepreneur is nonconformist and is always looking for ways to expand your business.
There are different ways to grow a business, but it is very important to have defined growth strategy. Are you going to open new stores, or maybe will sell franchises, you will make acquisitions, will create alliances, etc.?
It is important that you determine these, so your growth will be sustainable and planned.
Remember that in the business world growing up is not an option, or your company grow or disappear.
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