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DigiTechy is your demand generation services and revenue acceleration platform partner, and we are ready to help you align your go-to-market teams to drive hyper-growth.  We apply our team’s combined three decades of expertise around scalable digital marketing, sales, and customer success alignment to create an integrated revenue engine system.  

Our expertise spans deep knowledge of inbound marketing strategy, Drift’s AI chatbots conversational and revenue acceleration strategies, video content marketing strategies, and implementations of industry-leading marketing and data intent software to attract, convert and nurture qualified leads.

We’ve learned quite a bit throughout our two decades of client engagements and have implemented numerous proven sales and digital marketing strategies, tactics, and technologies to increase bottom-line revenue for our clients. 

 We pride ourselves in always offering a custom consultative and performance-based approach to help growth-oriented companies looking to drive positive revenue outcomes. 

 Meet the Team

Gianni Quintana

Gianni Quintana CEO & Co-Founder Digitechy Creative

Title: CEO & Co-Founder
Office Location:

Email: gquintana@digitechy.com

West Palm Beach, FL
Three Words to Describe Gianni: Creative, Connector, Growth-Minded

With nearly two decades of progressive senior digital marketing roles across diverse industries and as an early adopter and partner for both Drift, conversational marketing, and HubSpot’s inbound marketing philosophy, his goal is to continuously learn the latest Martech stack to help growth-oriented b2b clients scale predictably.

He has proven expertise around integrated multi-media campaigns, Martech implementations, and revenue-driven lead generation growth strategies developed for corporate enterprises.  Successful high-level experience in planning and leading client and organizational content projects focused on expanding lead channel engagement strategies to increase sales conversions.

Gianni has worked across multiple industries from b2b2c within higher education, legal services, specialty finance, and fintech sector as well as numerous SaaS organizations from start-ups to VC-backed enterprise-level organizations.  

When he’s not nerding out on marketing and hosting his podcast or attending industry events he can be found playing futbol “aka” soccer for us gringos with his two young sons at the local soccer fields.

Kevin Granja

Senior Videographer at Digitechy Creative Title: Senior Audiovisual Editor & Producer
Office Location: Quito, Ecuador
Three Words to Describe Kevin: Detail Oriented, Creative, Dedicated

Email: videos@digitechy.com

Kevin has experience managing all aspects of audiovisual projects that help grow businesses’ brands and sales.  He studied at DOCUMENTAL en EICTV en La Habana, Cuba, and is Inbound Marketing Certified.  He brings a unique LATAM international business flavor to audiovisual, which helps our clients tell their brand’s stories via video marketing campaigns. He also has philanthropic values and is a dog lover and takes incredible photos of dogs in unique and interesting ways, check em out on his Instagram or Facebook pages. 

Kevin currently resides in Quito, FL with his wife, dogs, neices, and nephews. In what little free time he has, he enjoys playing and composing music. He is an accomplished self-taught musician! 

Tony Romano

Title: Sales AdvisorTony Romano Sales Advisor Senior Sales Adivsor  
Office Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Three Words to Describe Tony: Consistent, Strategic, Loyal

Email: info@digitechy.com

Tony has over 20 years of high level management experience in building and leading a sales driven organization. An accomplished professional, his sales accomplishments and unique knowledge of the finance services and consumer markets provides him an advantage in setting forth productive strategic sales and marketing campaigns that have helped small and medium businesses grow their brands to meet and exceed their revenue goals. His common sense approach allows clients and prospective clients understand the value proposition and benefit of our strategic digital marketing solutions and services.

Guillermo Granja

Guillermo Granja Director of Video MarketingTitle: Director of Video Marketing Strategy

Office Location: West Palm Beach & Quito Ecuador
Three Words to Describe Guillermo,”Nalo”: Creative, Resourceful, Accomplished

Email: videos@digitechy.com

Guillermo,”aka” Nalo, has over 30 years of high level videography and photo journalism via Reuters and has also worked with the Ecuadorian Men’s World Cup soccer teams since their debut in the 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup. His team has incredible experience working with international brands within the U.S., LATAM and Europe. An accomplished videography and photography professional, his expertise and unique knowledge of how to best utilize video story-telling campaigns for our clients through, creative, clear and engaging messaging, ultimately drive more leads which turn into sales for our clients. His passion and commitment to our clients development of their unique value proposition messaging via video and visual artistry has provided increase revenues to our clients.

Herman Serrano

Herman Serrano Head of Technology

Title: Sr. Director of Technology
Office Location: New Jersey and Puerto Rico
Three Words to Describe Herman: Seasoned,Technologist,Strategist

Herman has over 30 years experience serving in senior IT capacities for educational institutions (higher education and K-12),SaaS companies and government. The combination of global experiences has provided him with a unique knowledge base and perspectives to deliver expert solutions to our clients.

He is fluently bilingual, and has served as the technology lead in over 150 implementations with multiple technologies worldwide, including the United Nations for strategic planning, design, development and deployment of learning systems and computer aided technologies to enhance student outcomes and overall learning experience.  When he’s not traveling around the globe consulting and executing technology implementations, he can be found playing a round of golf in Puerto Rico and relaxing in his country-style vacation home in the island of enchantment.

Victor Quintana

Title: Director of Client Services & Operations
Office Location: Naples, Florida
Three Words to Describe Victor: Strategic, Customer-focused, Reliable

Email: vic@digitechy.com

Victor has experience managing all aspects of client projects, primarily around BDR/SDR services to help grow businesses’ demand gen and sales.  He studied at Nova Southeastern University and is ActiveCampaign Marketing Certified. 

He brings a unique B2C business background to help shape our clients’ B2B demand programs. He’s held management roles for Fortune 500 companies such as credit card services giant MBNA and legendary hospitality properties like the Hard Rock Cafe & Casino Hollywood, Florida. 

Victor currently resides in Naples, FL with his wife, two beautiful girls. In what little free time he has, he enjoys watching NFL games, particularly the Raiders, and cooking up gourmet fusions and wine pairings for family and friends!

Dalys Gonzalez
Dalys Gonzales Rojas BDR Specialist

Dalys Gonzales Rojas BDR Specialist

Title: BDR Specialist
Office Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Email: dalys@digitechy.com

Three Words to Describe Dalys: Persistent, Collaborative, Growth-Minded

Dalys has worked across pre-sales and sales departments for SaaS B2b companies in the South American region, helping them reach potential clients in the U.S and Canadian markets.

She is fluently bilingual and has very good experience developing outreach programs for corporate enterprises.  

When she’s not finding creative ways to serve and connect with clients and prospective clients she spends time with her son and husband, enjoying family time in beautiful Buenos Aires.  

Leanne Pawlowski

Leanne Pawlowski Director of Event CommunicationsTitle: Director of Corporate Events & BDRs
Office Location: Naples, Florida
Three Words to Describe Leanne: Collaborative, Innovative, Creative

Email: leanne@digitechy.com

Leanne has experience managing all aspects of professional business event projects, she also understands the importance of the pre-post communication activity of primarily BDR/SDR to create demand gen and sales around events. She studied at Bowling Green University where she earned her B.S in Business Management Specializing in Hospitality, she’s also ActiveCampaign Marketing/Sales Certified. 

She brings a unique events background perspective to help shape our clients’ B2B demand gen around users’ conferences and corporate event programs. 

She currently resides in Naples, FL with her husband, two beautiful little girls. She’s from the Northeast and Midwest so you can say Leanne has a very Americana at heart but is very deliberate around innovating through her diverse work and life experiences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we help you increase website traffic?

We’ll help expand your brand awareness and attract qualified, new audiences to your website through blogging, search engine optimization, social media, and more.

How Do We Build Your Inbound Marketing Essentials?

Together, we’ll set up the tools and create the resources that form the foundation of your inbound marketing program. They include your marketing gameplan, buyer personas, CRM, CMS, content, campaign strategies, etc.

How do we generate more leads?

With a focus on conversion rate optimization and strategic campaigns, we’ll help create the essential conversion paths needed to grow your contact database using landing pages, forms, CTAs or calls-to-action, and content creation.

How Do We Create Amazing Content?

We’ll help plan, write, publish, and distribute high-quality content that attracts and educates your buyers and generates leads. This can include eBooks, infographics, checklists, webinars, reports, videos, and more depending on your audience.

How Do We Help You Acquire New Customers?

By leveraging conversion rate optimization, the HubSpot or Your CRM Sales tools, and sales enablement, we’ll help you find and nurture qualified traffic and leads into valuable, happy customers that close quicker and spend more.

How Do We Help You Understand Your Marketing Performance

What’s working and what’s not? Together, we’ll track and analyze your most important metrics to understand where your marketing stands and where it needs to be to achieve your goals.

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