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With decades of experience, across diverse industries, we’ve learned what works over the years, and we know what it takes for companies of any size to be successful with High-Tech Marketing strategies. DigiTechy CREATIVE’s leadership team have built a full-service, virtual team composed of more than 10 digital marketing professionals. We are laser-focused on helping your business grow through inbound marketing and strategic marketing services.

Our strategy involves focusing on a specific area of expertise in which we are as strong a group as in any company anywhere in the world. We are true experts in the introduction of new technology products, especially through channels of distribution.


Prepare for success with a business plan.

What is the buyer persona process? It may seem like a simple marketing question, but don’t be fooled it’s absolutely the most critical marketing question to build the right digital marketing strategy for your business. In essence, a buyer persona is a fictitious description of your ideal prospective customers,their age, demographic, buying process behaviour, preferred methods of communication, etc.

A buyer persona process model is designed to help Identify the critical roles or job titles of buyer personas, where they spend time online, what their decision making process is and also what influencers impact their buyer journey, all these factors are taken into account when developing a customized buyer persona process plan. The buyer persona process plan is only effective when it is mapped to your content strategy and buyer’s journey.

The more accurately you can identify your buyer persona(s), their traits, preferences and buying decisions making process, the more tailored your digital marketing content and campaigns will be to gain their trust, peak their interest about your products or services and ultimately earn their business and loyalty.


Our team understands software and technology or SaaS marketing from an insider’s perspective.  Our leadership team has worked in SaaS technology organizations both from techy start-ups to enterprise level technology organizations.

We fully understand the long sales cycle of the B2B software and the buyers journey.  Let us take years of best practices with proven lead generation strategies that identify and target your prospective technology decision makers in the C-level suite.  We can co-create your unique value propositions, develop specific buyer personas (Directors of IT, CEOs, COOs, and CTOs, and other decision makers) and build strategic lead generation and branding programs.


Numerous companies in nearly every industry have achieved business growth by implementing High-Tech  Marketing strategies. We know getting started can feel overwhelming, even for experienced marketers. We can help you launch your inbound marketing program the right way.

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