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Video strategies to cut through the noise.

Corporate video services are an essential offering to our clients because of the recent demand in high quality video in all marketing and sales channels.  To win business and differentiate your company’s product or services from swimming in the sea of sameness, you need to tell your business story and the solution you bring to clients via video.

It’s not enough today to share your leadership or company’s founders story, clients and customers want to connect to your product or service and video story-telling is a powerful way to engage your potential clients.

Showing through high quality video story-telling what your business does to solve your customer’s business pains is crucial to help your sales team win in today’s customer centric landscape.  It’s no surprise that some of the biggest digital companies are doubling their efforts on video for their marketing in all channels.

Don’t be left behind and reach out to us to set up a discovery call with our Sr. Video Strategy Director, this is a consultative 30 minute call to gauge our Mutual Success Factors to decide on a video content lead generation strategy.

Strategic Videos to Grow Sales

 Video Marketing Benchmarks 

75% of videos posted in the last year are less than two minutes long.

corporate-video-services-75-of-videos-are-distributed-by-channelLanding pages, Emails and Sales Conversations are the video channels seeing the most growth.

corporate video services stats 33-on-average-increase-in-video-production

33% is the average number of videos published by businesses each month a whopping 83% from 2017.

89% of business video views takes place on desktop browsers.

most-popular-times-to-view-videosThe most popular viewing times are Tuesday-Thursdays between 7AM- 11AM (PST) 10AM – 1PM (EST).

video marketing research stats 2018

46% of viewers on average watch a video all the way to the end.


Videos under 90 seconds see on average a 59% retention rate versus videos over 30 minutes retain only 14%.

36% of business are using intermediate or advances analytics platforms to measure video results.


Businesses using advance analytics were able to report 2X better ROI from their video strategy investments.


6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Video Marketing?

  1. How much is unclear video messaging costing you?
  2. How many potential customers can’t hear your offer in the sea of noise and virtual sameness?
  3. How many of your webinar and conference events are half empty because people don’t know why they should come?
  4. How many people are passing up your products or services, due to lack of client testimonials?
  5. Can potential customers understand why they need your product or service in two minutes?
  6. A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

Corporate video story telling can help make all these pains disappear, while getting you new business and better branding.

Our Video Story Telling Process

corporate video process

We get on a 30-minute call to discuss your video idea and to determine if we are a fit to execute your video content design and strategy.

story board-video-process-step-2

After our initial discovery call or two, we ensure that we document everything in terms of video content strategy success and the key performance indicators for success.

We co-create and share the video content storyboard tied to company goals and messaging requirements.

The proverbial “microphone is on” and your video story telling begins to take shape.


Finally, your story-telling video is now complete, now we help your company to create campaigns with the video to help grow sales.

What’s My Potential Video Cost Investment?

Investing in a corporate story-telling video can easily range between on a low end and tight budget for production $3,000 to a high end with complete and robust production of more than $12,000 to $30,000 plus. Why such a large gap in cost, you may ask, well let’s see, if you have a quick point and shoot video testimonial with “X” number of estimated editing hours that puts you in the average $3K range.

However, when you are looking to do a more custom, story boarded and creative video, one that uses at its core a story telling marketing framework,this type of video will require significantly more production value up front and in the back or post production parts of your video’s story telling creation.

For most of our clients we are in the middle of both these ranges that fall between $3K-$5K and or over the $10K and that’s simply due to the type of high-end almost document or film style corporate video that is being deployed.

That being said, the real questions you should ask yourself as a business owner, executive or director of marketing is how much money is the organization leaving on the table, due to lack of demand generation video strategy?

We can help you uncover that number by going backwards and reverse engineering your sales to lead funnel, your average deal size and your average conversion.

Let us help you get the right number of qualified marketing leads you need via video marketing to reach your sales goals. 

Let's make incredible videos to grow your business.

Let us know a little bit about your company and video marketing needs. We are here to help tell your story with video.