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“Prescribing medicine without a proper diagnosis would be medical malpractice.  Similarly, selling you digital marketing services without first understanding your business and goals would be illogical and unethical. This is why we offer all potential clients a FREE discovery consultation video call, to ensure we prescribe the right digital marketing solution for your business pains.”

 Gianni Quintana | CEO & Co-Founder

CEO and Co-Founder

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SaaS Client Content and Lead Generation Services

Gianni and Digitechy Creative were contracted to help us with our lead generation content efforts. They helped us capture the voice of clients in the form of video testimonials and case studies which were important for our America’s division continued growth strategy. His professional digital marketing guidance helped move the needle in a positive direction. He is a true team player and has solid business acumen which allows him to provide necessary insights in an objective and pragmatic manner. I would highly recommend him for any form of demand generation, brand creative or growth strategy work.

Brad Winney
President & GM, Americas,

HappyOrNot Ltd.

Increased sales leads by 35% and implemented Drift to gain $1.5M attributed to sales pipeline


Bottom line: Added $250K pipeline in first month with Drift and organic traffic increased by 45%


  • Created sales enablement case studies providing the voice of customers. Here’s a video testimonial for Downtown Santa Monica client to help win more public sector business
  • Implemented Drift conversational marketing chat platform to their SalesForce/Pardot marketing stack to improve conversions and add over $1.5 Million forecasted in Drift attributed pipe-line leads
  • Increased direct and organic search results by 45% and reduced cost by 30% in Google PPC Adwords campaigns after a deep-dive keyword and campaign performance analysis
  • Reached a 300% ROI with increased leads during our engagement with Happy-or-Not, in course to producing over 1.600 leads per month

Inbound Marketing | Digitechy Creative | Client Case Study FinTech Company

Digitechy CREATIVE is very good at executing results across all channels, including;PPC,SEO,content creation,email marketing,direct mail and event management. They definitely excel at inbound marketing and I would definitely encourage other businesses to utilize their inbound marketing services to help grow their business.

M. Neisser, COO & Founder
FinTech Industry

Increase of 31.5% Conversion Rate & 50% reduction in Google PPC spend


Bottom line: doubled loan originations by millions and ROI by over 40%


  • SEO ranking #1 for niche keyword for hard money lending or private real estate lender in key states
  • Increased direct and organic search results by 45% over a one year period and reduced cost from $10K per month to less than $5K per month on Google PPC Adwords campaigns
  • Had a 300% ROI with offline to online marketing programs that pushed a very targeted  direct mail campaign to online applications (year worth of direct mail campaign)
  • Added SEO credibility and voice of customer with unique customer case studies that in turn helped turn more customer inquiries into new business

digitechy client website translation services

The legal funding industry is very competitive and every advantage to resonate with your law firm audience and to win new business is key.  DigiTechy helped us to smoothly execute an entire website translation into Spanish. This better positions our website content and solutions to our law firm clients which work within Hispanic territories and serve Spanish speaking plaintiffs. We are confident that having our website in Spanish will help us to better serve our law firm clients and opens up our SEO to Spanish Google searches. DigiTechy was very responsive and helped make this project possible, on time and budget.

Marketing Team, Momentum Funding

300% LEAD INCREASES ( represented $700K in new business over 9 month period)


(Marketing Qualified Leads)

Bottom line: ( represented $700K in new business in less than a year)


  • SEO ranking #1 for niche keyword for medical funding and legal funding in key states
  • Full website translation into Spanish with SEO best practices strategy
  • Social media content strategy to grow from zero presence to a five star Google reviews ranking
  • Integrated marketing strategy for conferences tied to online social media and email marketing (increased leads by 200% from conferences and email marketing)
  • Website complete redesign to make it mobile optimized, SEO ready and help turn more customer inquiries into new business Client Testimonial Re branded Website

Digitechy CREATIVE helped me redesign my website to make it more relevant and to increase my monthly number of client quotes. They understood my audience and highlighted my structural engineering services through a clean and modern website. Just one or two new clients a month makes a huge impact. I highly recommend Digitechy’s services to any business that is looking to make a positive impact in their digital marketing and lead generation goals.

Byron Escobar Msc.,PEng., CEO & Founder
Structural Engineer



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Marisol Lopera
Co-Founder & President

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