Helping you connect faster and better with future students today via digital channels embraced by them.

Let's increase enrollments to starts by 3X

Drive Enrollments via Data-driven Technologies – No more guessing

Higher education is an extremely competitive space and is changing both on the regulation front and the student demographic and preferred method of communication front.

We have over two decades of industry knowledge and use the BEST DIGITAL marketing and higher ed technologies to make an impact on your institution or association’s growth goals. 

Thousands of institutions struggle to consistently increase enrollments, competition for prospective students is fierce.

Are you ready to make a real transformational change within your marketing and operational teams’ strategy student-centric to meet today’s new landscape?


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Google PPC Management


The reason Google is a billion dollar company is PPC (Pay Per Click). These campaigns are highly effective for institutions with a proper budget to spend on Google Adwords campaigns. We’ll turn the data from your PPC campaign into intelligence that your institution can leverage to get more students enrolled for less spend during the intital part of the student life cycle process.

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SEO for Higher Education


Search engine algorithms are always evolving, so is Digitechy. Future students or member institutions don’t look at the second page of Google. We know SEO is a constantly changing game, and as such, we’re always learning and updating our strategy based on proven techniques that are presented in the expert SEO community.

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Digital PR & Social Media


Social Media and PR go hand in hand in today’s digital news and media landscape. If your instution or association isn’t making news, then your social media really won’t take off organically and go viral. We help you earn postings on incredible industry media, news and business outlets covering higher education.

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Growth Focused Design


Modern websites or enrollment campaigns that convert visitors into students or new members. We use the latest technologies and best practices to grow your institution or association. Complete transparency, no holding your website or micro-lead gen websites hostage, once built and paid for, it’s yours 100%. We can even train your team on how to make updates or use us for a cost-effective monthly fee.

Save hours each month.

  • Generate multiple enrollment campaigns.
  • Focus on the voice of your students.
  • We focus on getting qualified enrollment MQLs.
  • Track results via digital dashboards, not hunches.
  • Sync with other Higher Ed ecosystems.

Study from anywhere world.

  • Students study anywhere via campus mobile apps.
  • Tracking course hours, financial aid and schedules are critical.
  • Managing your best enrollments prospects with personalized outreach matters.
  • Sending branded messages with a purpose.
  • See student journey engagement touchpoints, experiment, tweak and optimize.
  • Sync with other Higher Ed ecosystems.

Protect your campaign data.

  • Enterprise-level security in each campaign.
  • 256-bit military-grade encryption.
  • Custom security settings.
  • Automatic real-time backups.
  • GBDR and FERPA compliant file management.


Once you’ve paid for your site, it’s yours. We will never hold your website hostage or charge for add-on services that you don’t need.

We reverse engineer your enrollment goals, then based on your budget we establish campaign strategy, optimal demand gen campaign durations, tech tools, and people resources, and our experts who will manage your campaign, and based on all these factors we price accordingly, we are performance-based and have skin in the game.

Because of the recent Google algorithm updates that now include page speed as a ranking factor, attorneys and law firms are paying a lot more to the speed of their websites. Luckily for you, we’ve been obsessed with page speed long before it was relevant to SEO. Our websites are built to be blazing fast, utilizing the latest and greatest technologies available. Most of our website projects load in under a second, which is faster than 90% of all websites online. If speed is a concern, we have the technical experience here in-house.

We do offer custom video marketing services to help drive creative brand awareness of your institution and connect better with today’s digital native prospective students. Our strategic video marketing team has decades of experience and understands the story-telling framework to leverage the voice of your students and the unique institution’s mission to drive engagement and enrollments.

Yes, we are able to make sure your website or landing pages speak with your CMS, however, this will require us to look at each case individually. Our goal of course is to make your website an enrollment or membership lead machine to automagically work into your CMS.