Enrollment Growth Marketing for Millennial Students

Want to Increase Enrollments by 50% or More?

We understand higher education marketing from an insider’s perspective.  Our leadership team has well over 50 years of combined experience in enrollment marketing and providing critical growth strategy services to HE institutions throughout their careers.

Our team has planned and executed enrollment marketing programs that follow the student life cycle journey.  Starting with proven strategies to identify and target your prospective students. Moving into targeted recruiting and connecting campaigns via all channels during your enrollment outreach programs. Lastly, providing effective communication programs that highlight your institution’s student services strategy to support and engage current students and alumni.  

Our main objective is to work with all institutional stakeholders and co-create marketing strategies that drive enrollment results?  

Student-Centric Digital Marketing Services

Today’s leading educational institutions and organizations use inbound marketing to grow their school brands and engage prospective millennial students.  

We can help with the following digital services:

-student persona/geo-targeting (Google PPC)

-programmatic media spend to drive enrollments

-video engagement programs for Facebook and YouTube

-international student targeting campaigns

-CRM and prospective student lead automation

Student-Population Intelligence Services

Higher Education is one of the most competitive industries in the world. We have a team dedicated to data mining HE business intelligence to give your institution a competitive advantage .

We can help with the following BI services:

-competitor spend analysis (Google PPC)

-program analysis by region and country

-ministry of education reports or DOE

-RFP process for grant programs

-student outcomes trending reports by program

Higher Education Marketing Vision

Your Institutional Mission

We can co-create ideas into executable and effective enrollment marketing programs.  Let’s develop a clear picture of the perfect student for your institution, how you are different, and how you are positioned in the marketplace.

Enrollment Recruiting and Connecting Strategies

Enrollment Marketing Plan

Develop and holistically execute a creative strategy though all media. Build the perfect message to match your institution’s brand to the right students – then make the process easy and intuitive for them, from application through enrollment.

Student Services Marketing

Engagement Campaigns

Low investment. High return. That’s what you get with proactive inbound marketing outreach. Highly skilled Digitechy CREATIVE consultants understand how to nurture students through each step, while gaining intelligence on student enrollment and retention decisions.

Let’s Talk. We are here to help.

Our digital inbound and marketing experts are here to help you assess, plan and execute a digital marketing strategy to achieve student enrollment growth. We look forward to discussing your institution’s vision and goals. Fill out our contact form below or click button below to schedule an online call appointment.

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