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There are plenty of agencies knowledgeable around inbound marketing and digital marketing. But to reach your goals, marketing expertise alone isn’t enough; you need a partner who understands the nuances of your industry as well. Our leadership’s background and experience have afforded us with first-hand insights into marketing for Software/Technology, Healthcare, Legal Maketing, Real Estate, Higher Education and Small Business companies.  As such, we’ve developed a deep knowledge and expertise in the industries described below.


Our digital marketing team understands the challenges and opportunities to drive new cases  within the very competitive legal services space.  We understand what law firms need in terms of local SEO, PPC management (aka- Google Adwords), Social Media reviews or reputation management and other digital strategies. All in the effort to get your law firm with consistently more intake leads that turn into the  cases your law firm wants to represent. Let us help you engage better with your prospective clients, communicate better your law firm’s practice areas, expertise, and highlight your case settlement success stories.


Technology and Software Marketing

Software & Technology
Your people understand digital technology and your software, but translating your technologies cool features and how they solve business pains has proven difficult. We will analyze your current marketing programs to create a strategic inbound marketing plan. One that will carry your company from brand awareness through product marketing lead generation and into sustained growth.

Modern Healthcare Marketing


Inbound marketing and content marketing are critical for healthcare companies. We know that the health industry tends to lag a few years behind other industries. Improve your overall online marketing engagement strategies and results.  Partner with an agency that understands this highly-regulated industry and the changing demographics of patient populations that your targeting to offer unique healthcare patient care.

Real Estate Inbound Marketing


With mortgage rates at historic lows, we understand what your real estate business needs to find and keep clients—in one integrated lead generation solution platform. Increase your online visibility quickly and connect with buying mode home-buyers in your area.  Learn how to get serious clients in your area calling you today.

Small Business Inbound Marketing


We are in a digital marketing age, where the playing fields are now much more even allowing for small to medium size business to capture entire customer populations like their bigger enterprise level competitors.  We understand how to create inbound marketing programs that will give you more leads, better qualified leads and show positive ROI month to month and year over year.  Let us help you get your small business grow.

A goal-based approach to marketing is the only way to meet the increasing demand for accountability.

Don’t see your industry, don’t worry. Contact Digitechy Creative, we can help your business to get better quality leads, increased customer engagement online, develop rich content that moves your customers from strangers to evangelist, and overall to co-create a digital marketing plan that spurs real business growth.  We understand that your organization or business needs better marketing results.


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