The Right Launch Plan with Inbound Marketing 

Numerous companies in nearly every industry have achieved business growth by implementing Inbound Marketing strategies.  We know getting started can feel overwhelming, even for experienced marketers.  We can help you launch your inbound marketing program the right way with our Marketing Assessment Plan (M.A.P.TM)

Our M.A.P.TM process allows us to conduct a deep dive analysis of your current marketing strategies and their alignment with your business objectives.  First, we’ll review your marketing goals, evaluate your overall marketing strategy, conduct a competitor analysis and analyze your website’s usability, structure and messaging.

Then, we immerse ourselves in your business by interviewing employees, customers and “almost customers” (sales you count as “closed-lost”) and create a detailed report outlining our recommendations for communicating effectively with your primary buyer personas.

Now armed with your M.A.P.TM process interview findings and insights we begin to curate a buyer specific content strategy. This content strategy will be weaved throughout your website and in all your inbound marketing campaigns, such as explainer videos, email marketing, webinars, eBooks,blog and generally in your overall SEO strategy.

Digital marketing assessment and planning process

Lastly, we develop a very detailed plan with custom forecasting projections of your specific lead generation programs. In addition, we also co-develop an ROI tracking report to measure results month to month. This extensive report outlines the progress of all your inbound marketing lead generation campaigns attributed in your sales pipeline. This is where we see how many MQLs marketing qualified leads turned into SQLs sales qualified leads and how your sales funnel is moving.

marketing assessment and planning process

Our digital inbound and marketing experts are here to help you assess, plan and execute a digital marketing strategy via our M.A.P methodology. Our sole goal is to help you achieve real business growth.  We look forward to discussing your business goals. schedule a free consultation call today.



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