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The Future of Marketing is Hyper-Personalization

With all the advertising and content that consumers are exposed to, achieving the required return on investment (ROI) from your marketing message is becoming more of a challenge. Based on the experiences our customers and partners have shared, the best way to drive the interest of your next customer is through a well-timed, relevant, and personalized message. Personalized marketing creates increased customer loyalty and better return on marketing investment.


How Does IP Targeting Work?


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Overview of Target Marketing

The 20th Century’s “one size fits all” marketing method of choice was all about mass — broadcasting an advertising message to a mass audience of thousands of prospects with the hope that something sticks. Today’s marketers are focusing on the individual — identifying people who are “in market” and delivering a specific message to those targets individually. Digitechy’s one-to-one IP targeting acts like a magnet pulling and attracting the right type of customer at the right time to become a new paying customer.

Appealing to Individual Customers

For decades, marketers have been focusing more on audience segmentation — grouping people based on demographics and behavior. As we move away from mass media to personalized media, these audience segments can now be refined until they reach a single person.

The more you know about a person, the better you can target them in a personalized way. In fact, many people now expect to receive a personalized experience from the companies they transact with. Every individual interaction with your prospects matter, from the beginning of a customer experience via generating awareness, to the feedback loop of engagement. Connecting data at the individual customer level is vital for providing seamless experiences and products or services that convert.

Hyper targeting customers via one-to-one IP address

Why One-to-One Marketing Works

One-to-one marketing takes the customer relationship management (CRM) data you provide and lets you segment, activate, and measure on that data to maximize reach to your high value customers.
We can now leverage technology to pin-point your best offline customer and message them online to any device via IP address hyper-targeting your product or services before,after and during a campaign to get the best engagement and marketing ROI.

What are the benefits of one to one IP address hyper targeting marketing

Benefits of One-to-One Marketing:

  • Generate lift:
    Increase conversions by delivering more relevant messages to each audience segment.


  • Extreme segmentation:
    Ability to create micro-segments that target each customer uniquely.


  • Measurable results:
    Easily measure the impact of marketing campaigns on sales through matchback analysis.


Using Data to Improve One-to-One Marketing Strategies

Data Improved One-to-One Marketing

Many advertisers have been slow to adopt one-to-one marketing strategies because they believe it is time consuming and difficult to scale. Existing cookie-based solutions are difficult to integrate due to technical limitations and data privacy laws. Fortunately technology is making one-to-one marketing easier than ever. The biggest advance has been due to data-driven marketing. By on boarding offline data and combining that with precision geo-location knowledge from Digitechy, marketers can extend their digital reach and achieve more measurable results.

We offer a simple but powerful way to connect your customer data to leading media platforms to target audience segments across channels and devices. Now you can reach millions of customers with 1:1 messages at scale.
To learn more about how you can cost effectively benefit from personalized marketing, schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation call to get started. Mining your best customers with direct one-to-one targeting pre and post direct mail campaigns is now easier and more effective than ever.


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How to leverage IP Address Targeting to increase your sales within your CRM direct mail or offline campaigns.?

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Here are a few answers to our most common questions:click on questions and answers will pop open


What does DigiTechy do?

DigiTechy provides a patented a unique series of technologies that allow our customers to precisely target their customers online using banner and display ads.

Where will my ads appear?

DigiTehcy has access to place ads on over 1,000,000 websites that include 30-50 billion advertising impressions per day. This is about 90% of the available daily ad inventory on the Internet. Popular sites where we place ads include Google, MSN, Facebook and Yahoo!

Can I control who sees my ads?

Yes, this is one of the primary principals of DigiTechy’s IP Targeting platform. We target your ads to specific households with laser-like accuracy.

How many ads should I display per month?

It depends on your message, product and a number of other variables. Typically, we recommend between 20-40 impressions per month.

Do we use cookies?

Not for our IP Targeting, since we know the IP address of specified households we have no need to use cookies for primary targeting. We will occasionally ask clients to incorporate either conversion pixels or remarketing pixels into their campaigns based on the type of campaign that we are running.

What sort of reports do I get from DigiTechy?

We provide monthly reports that include impressions served, clicks, conversions and click-through rate (CTR). Additionally, at the completion of a campaign we generally provide clients with a match-back analysis which compares your targeting segment(s) with new sales to demonstrate efficacy and ROI for the campaign.

How is this different than PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising relies on a user searching for a specific keyword. Ads are placed on the top and sides of the search page along with the search results, and the hope is the consumer will click on the ad. You only pay when the prospect clicks on the ad. Unfortunately, this type of advertising has been losing efficacy in recent years as people have learned how to game the system with traffic arbitrage and click farms.

What sort of CTR should I expect?

Ultimately most clients see an increase in CTR with a DigiTechy campaign, but we encourage clients to look beyond click through rate (CTR) and focus on metrics that have more meaning to their business like conversions, sales and return on investment (ROI) for the ad campaign.

How many ad variants should I use?

DigiTechy Creative recommends at least two ad variants at the beginning of a campaign to conduct a proper A/B test for ad efficacy. Once we develop performance history on the ad variants we will often adjust the ad serving of the campaign to focus on the most productive advertisements.

What size ads do I need?

Creative should be within the following dimensions (below). We recommend that clients generate at least one creative in each size to maximize available ad inventory. While we can run campaigns with fewer sizes it will limit the inventory available to us and may result in the campaign taking longer to serve the ads you purchased.

  • 300x250 (pixels)
  • 728x90 (pixels)
  • 320x50 (pixels)
  • 160x600 (pixels)
  • 300x50 (pixels)

Should I merge all of my data into one list?

No! Having visibility into data sources is a valuable tool in determining efficacy of campaigns and assisting with planning future campaigns. Put more simply, some lists are better than others. By providing DigiTechy Creative with more visibility into the sources of your data we can provide better guidance on what data to use on future campaigns.

What type of organizations does DigiTechy Creative work with?

We have clients in most major industries, ranging from several Fortune 50 companies to political campaigns, political action committees, non-profit organizations and churches.

Does DigiTechy Creative work with referral or technology partners?

Yes! To find out if your firm qualifies to become a DigiTechy Creative partner, please sign up at partner and referral programs.

Can I use IP targeting with my direct mail campaign?

Yes, we have a large number of customers who incorporate IP Targeting in conjunction with direct mail campaigns. We find that the addition of IP Targeting greatly increases the effectiveness of direct mail.

Can DigiTechy Creative place ads on specific sites?

Sure, we have access to place ad on over 1,000,000 websites with over 50,000,000,000 ad impressions per day. We often find that aiming your message at particular sites can improve the results of your campaign based on the audience demographics of sites selected.

Can DigiTechy Creative make sure my ads do not appear on specific sites?

Yes, by default we will not serve ads on adult or “vice” sites. Additionally, we eliminate sites with a history of low quality or fraudulent traffic. If you would like us to further restrict the universe of sites upon which we display your ads, we are happy to incorporate this into your campaign.

What file formats does DigiTechy Creative accept for my ads?

DigiTechy Creative places either banner or display ads. All creative sizes need to be less than 40 KB. JPG, GIF, PNG, and SWF files are all supported.

Do I need to provide DigiTechy Creative with a list of prospects to target?

Typically yes, most of our customers provide us with a list of customers, past customers or prospects to target with our technology. If you do not have a list we can help you obtain one from a list provider or work with you to build a targeting segment based on an analysis of your current customers or prospects. More information on list specifications can be asked ask us today.

What is a DSP?

A Demand-Side Platform or DSP is a technology tool that aggregates online advertising buyers and sellers. DigiTechy Creative integrates with a number of DSPs to bid on real-time inventory of ads.

Can DigiTechy Creative prepare the ads for me?

Yes we can assist with creative design and messaging,for a cost effective service fee. If you do not have an agency or internal marketing team, we would be happy to help with crafting your message and ads.

How can I make my campaign more successful?

Comply with the ad standards discussed in this FAQ, ensure that your ad is compelling, then confirm your list is current and includes only topical targets. Additionally, implement conversion tracking and work with your account manager at DigiTechy Creative to conduct a conversion analysis at appropriate points for long-running campaigns.

Can I use Flash in my ads?

We support all versions of Flash, but users may not have the appropriate Flash Player version. See Adobe's market penetration stats to choose the best version. We recommend developing your flash creatives to be viewable in Flash Player Version 8 or lower. We also support both ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 used in Flash.

Can I use audio in my ads?

No, auto-initiated audio is frequently blocked by publishers which will greatly limit the quantity and quality of sites that we have access to serve your ads on.

Can I use animation in my ads?

Yes, if any animation is present within the ads, it must stop within 30 seconds of the ad serving. This can be done by limiting loops to 1 to 3 rotations. We also provide explainer video ads a separate service if you need help creating video ads

How should I measure success from my IP targeting campaign?

We encourage our customers to focus less on clicks and more on conversions. Additionally, our most compelling return on investment data comes from post-campaign match-back analysis. Unlike most forms of online marketing,DigiTechy Creative starts a typical campaign with a target list of customers or prospects. By Comparing this list to your list of actual sales is one of the most effective methods to determine the efficacy of an individual campaign.

Do I need to have my logo on my ad?

Yes, to be displayed via a demand-side platform (DSP), ads need pass a 3rd party audit. One of the requirements of this audit is that some form of corporate identification is visible on each advertisement. This can be your logo or the name of your organization, it also needs to match what is used on your landing page for this ad campaign.

Does DigiTechy Creative offer mobile ad targeting?

DigiTechy offers mobile targeting to high value buildings and locations. Typically these are airports, stadiums or universities where one can make some assumptions about the demography and purchasing intent of the people in the buildings. For more information, please visit our Mobile Advertising FAQ.

Does DigiTechy Creative support ads hosted on 3rd party AdServers?

Yes, this will typically require a slight modification to the code to ensure that the ClickTag's work properly. To get get more details and see code samples visit our to discuss 3rd Party AdServer requirements.

Mobile Ad Targeting

What targeting can I use on mobile?

DigiTechy Creative is able to target (and report on) in-app and device-optimized web impressions by:

  • Device Type- Tablet, Phone or Desktops & Laptops
  • Device Make and Model- Apple iPhone, HTC Droid Incredible, etc.
  • Carrier- Verizon, Sprint, etc.
  • Connection Type- Carrier-based or wi-fi/static
  • Mobile Operating System- Android, iOS, etc.
  • Mobile Browser- Android, Blackberry, etc.

System (i.e., device type, device make/model, OS, browser, carrier and connection type), frequency, geography, daypart, segments, and test/control targeting all work for in-app and device-optimized web campaigns. However, targeting based on tag position and tag query strings is possible only for device-optimized web campaigns.

What types of mobile inventory can I buy?

There are two types of mobile inventory: in-app and device-optimized web sites.

  • In-App- Applications that are installed on mobile phones and tablets, i.e., Clash of Clans.
  • Device-Optimized Web Sites- Web sites that are optimized for viewing and interaction in browsers on mobile phones and tablets.

Does conversion tracking work in mobile browsers?

In mobile browsers, post-click conversion tracking works just like it does in non-mobile web browsers. Post-view conversions, however, can only be tracked across non-Safari mobile browsers.

Does conversion tracking work in mobile apps?

Yes. Even if the user converts in a separate mobile browser later (having closed the app in which they initially clicked the ad), the correlation to the click in the app can still be tracked.

What types of creatives can serve in mobile campaigns?

You can serve standard banners and MRAID creative on your mobile campaign.

We recommend using the following creative sizes on mobile devices:

  • 120x600
  • 160x600
  • 300x50
  • 300x250
  • 320x50
  • 468x60
  • 728x90
IP Targeted Video

What are the standard video advertisement lengths?

Video has to be less than or equal to requested duration (i.e. we can bid on a 15 second request with a 10 second video.)

The standard durations available via our system are as follows:

15 second, 30 second, 60 second

What are the standard dimensions for video ads?

Standard video sizes are as follows:

Additionally, Google only supports: 480x360, 640x360, and 1920x800. If DigiTechy Creative letter boxes.

Companion ads are supported, but only standard image files are accepted. Flash files are not supported. Size formats are as follows:


What types of video placements are available via theDigiTechy Creative system?

Pre-Roll (This represents majority of inventory)

What are the recommended aspect ratios?

If DigiTechy is hosting, we will encode and automate to the correct size

4:3, 5:2, 16:9

What are the supported file types?

Mov, Flv, Wmf, mp4, webm, MPG