On a mission to help organizations drive demand & predictable revenue

DigiTechy is your demand generation services and revenue acceleration platform partner, and we are ready to help you align your go-to-market teams to drive hyper-growth.  We apply our team’s combined three decades of expertise around scalable digital marketing, sales, and customer success alignment to create an integrated revenue engine system.  

Our expertise spans deep knowledge of inbound marketing strategy, Drift’s AI chatbots conversational and revenue acceleration strategies, video content marketing strategies, and implementations of industry-leading marketing and data intent software to attract, convert and nurture qualified leads.

We’ve learned quite a bit throughout our two decades of client engagements and have implemented numerous proven sales and digital marketing strategies, tactics, and technologies to increase bottom-line revenue for our clients. 

 We pride ourselves in always offering a custom consultative and performance-based approach to help growth-oriented companies looking to drive positive revenue outcomes. 

Gianni Quintana

CEO & Co-Founder

Kevin Granja

Audiovisual Editor & Producer

Tony Romano

Senior Sales Adivsor 

Guillermo Granja

Director of Video Marketing Strategy


Herman Serrano

 Sr. Director of Technology

Victor Quintana

Director of Client Services & Operations

Dalys Gonzalez

BDR Specialist

Leanne Pawlowski

Director of Corporate Events & BDRs


We’ll help expand your brand awareness and attract qualified, new audiences to your website through blogging, search engine optimization, social media, and more.

With a focus on conversion rate optimization and strategic campaigns, we’ll help create the essential conversion paths needed to grow your contact database using landing pages, forms, CTAs or calls-to-action, and content creation.

By leveraging conversion rate optimization, the HubSpot or Your CRM Sales tools, and sales enablement, we’ll help you find and nurture qualified traffic and leads into valuable, happy customers that close quicker and spend more.

Together, we’ll set up the tools and create the resources that form the foundation of your inbound marketing program. They include your marketing gameplan, buyer personas, CRM, CMS, content, campaign strategies, etc.

We’ll help plan, write, publish, and distribute high-quality content that attracts and educates your buyers and generates leads. This can include eBooks, infographics, checklists, webinars, reports, videos, and more depending on your audience.

What’s working and what’s not? Together, we’ll track and analyze your most important metrics to understand where your marketing stands and where it needs to be to achieve your goals.

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