Podcasting delivers revenue Short-Term & Long-Term

We understand how much effort and resources it takes to successfully launch a podcast. Your marketing team is likely at full capacity, and adding a podcast is not an easy option both from a resource and bandwidth perspective.

DigiTechy understands this common challenge and we have developed a done-for-your podcasting service.  We apply our expertise with podcasting, audio, and visual expertise and inbound marketing strategy, conversational marketing chatbots (Drift), pillar content marketing, SEO to create a podcast content demand generation strategy, to attract, convert and nurture qualified leads.

Our proven three-step demand generation model framework increases revenue via the strategic launch and marketing content distribution of your customized podcast.

Our three-step demand generation model framework

successfully launch a podcast

Create Thought Leadership Podcasts – Your Executives are Leaders

Creating Quiality Content at Scale is Hard

Today’s B2B customers have all the power, and they expect an Amazon and Netflix type of customer journey and experience when looking for any product or service. They conduct 90% of their buyer research on-demand, and by the time they visit your website, they already have a clear idea of the brands they trust and want to do business with. 

So knowing that today’s B2B buyer’s journey has more of a middle or bottom of the funnel intent visit to your website, why wouldn’t you roll out an edutainment style podcast for your potential clients to listen and follow your brand.   

Podcasts are a long-term play to elevate your brand, thought leadership, and ultimately helps your brand to differentiate itself within your community and industry.  


Podcast Icons

Is bandwidth a challenge for your team to create consistent content?

Podcast Icons

Are you leveraging your executive’s knowledge share for thought leadership?

Podcast Icons

Does your team have the audio, visual, and production expertise to execute a well-done podcast?

Podcast Icons

Does your brand and messaging resonate with your ideal customers?

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Are you guessing at which content is driving revenue or qualified leads?

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Does coming up with creative and research-based topics for content a challenge?


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Decision Makers Listen to Podcasts

27% of US podcast listeners have a 4-year college degree – vs 19% for US pop, your decision-makers very clearly make this segment of the population. Podcast listeners listen to an average of 7 different shows per week, up from 5 in 2017. Podcast listeners subscribe to an average of 6 shows in the last week (Infinite Dial 20)

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Repurpose Content at Scale

Podcast topics and guest insights can be turned into blog posts that get discovered in search engines, and re-created as video snippets on LinkedIn and YouTube for targeted views, which allow for more searches from your ideal customer profiles. 69% of podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media and responded that ads on podcasts made them aware of a product or service.

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Distribution of Brand

There are over 1.5 million podcasts and 34 million episodes as of October 2020. Podcast listening on a computer went up from 29% to 31% (smartphone listening went from 71% to 69% respectively).* Your custom educational and entertaining podcast can create brand awareness through both social channels and directly to your prospects and clients.



Most podcasts (75% according to AmplifiMedia) become inactive with just a few episodes into the show. Putting a podcast together is hard work, requires many hours of pre and post-production, and burnout can easily happen to the creator/host.

We take care of all the items described in our plans, but most importantly we tie your podcast strategically to your B2B demand generation strategies to convert revenue overtime.

Digitechy Studios is your strategic content partner to consistently produce high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. Our goal is to help your busy executives to shine, doing what they know best, talking, and thinking about their industry, and sharing their expertise.

We will guide you through the process and provide our resources and expertise along the way.  Our goal is to connect you to listeners that value your content and expertise to build thought leadership and trust with your targeted audience.  Here’s what we can do for you..


We’ll work with you to develop a podcast that aligns your brand and expertise with what your target market enjoys listening to.

the founder working with friends of the digitechy for aligns his brand and expertise


We have a dedicated team of audio and visual top-class producers. We can also arrange for remote recording facilities and can set them up in any location.

digitechy is abble for production and record each episodes of your podcast


We research and connect with industry influencers for you and secure guests by building relationships not pitching or selling your show.

digitechy can cannect you with the interesting influencers people that your podcast need for growth


We edit your podcast recordings and videos, create intro and outros to create smooth, high-end audio experiences. Our editors will ensure that your brand’s core values in look and feel are represented.


We transform your podcast recordings and videos, create multiple snippets of video and audio, and repurpose them for blogs. The goal is to tie your podcast micro-content as part of your demand generation strategy.

digitechy transform your podcast to tie your podcast micro-content as part of your demand generation strategy.


We provide a fully managed service for you and your clients. We’ll get your podcast out into the world and onto all the places it needs to be.

digitechy provide a fully managed service for your podcast in fact it will get out into the world and into all the places it needs to be


We work with you to build the audience and community to leverage our advertising and tech partners for sponsorship opportunities as you grow your podcast.


Let us help you begin your journey to creating an impactful and strategic podcast. Digitechy Studios has the resources, expertise to launch a well-produced podcast to represent your brand in the market.
We have been on both sides of the aisle, as b2b marketers and b2b buyers.  We understand the challenges and opportunities to message your insights and value propositions to your ideal customers.


What we do to free up your marketing team:
$ 2-5K Monthly
  • Impact podcast package is designed to leverage the fastest growing b2b demand gen medium (podcasting)
  • Coaching and consulting of your show’s production (give us your vision, we’ll make it happen)
  • Customized branding and look/feel of your show
  • Audio editing for quality production
  • Weekly guests identification and topic ideation
  • Weekly transcription of the podcast for show notes
  • 10 (60-120 seconds) micro-content snippets for social media and blogs
  • Quarterly metrics reports on podcast activity tied to demand gen campaigns


What we do to free up your marketing team:
$ 5-20K Monthly
  • Everything on impact podcast package plus all deliverables below)
  • Target Audience Reach via ABM tools (give us your ICP, we’ll get in front of them)
  • Thought Leadership coaching and virtual podcast tour
  • Podcast equipment recommendations and virtual set-up
  • Guests identification and topic ideation
  • Professional video/audio editing for a podcast with video interviews
  • 16 (60-160 seconds) micro-content snippets for monthly SEO content campaigns
  • Coaching call with sales and marketing on leveraging podcast content into the sales process
  • 4 Strategic inbound and outbound campaigns tied to podcast repurposed content


This is what makes us different, we are a demand gen agency and understand how important each marketing channel and asset is for mid-to-long term customer acquisition.  Our podcast services are strategic, not transactional project or task-oriented, our goal is to grow your audience, share your expertise, and have your podcast create another layer of qualified leads in your demand generation engine.

Typically for b2b clients, we recommend once a week or 4 episodes in a month, when done in short format and perhaps bi-weekly if it’s a longer dialogue format.  Both will still require the same pre-and post-production, the main difference is the time associated dependent on episode duration.

Great question! We’ll start by co-creating the right content strategy and messaging for your unique podcast show, then we will create a calendar of guests and dates to shoot for the video/audio Zoom or teleconference recording of the episode.

Once we get the downloaded MP4 and M4A of the recorded episode, our audio/video content team will take over, producing intros and outros based on your show’s tone and using approved branding.

Finally, we’ll get your episodes distributed and amplified to your targeted audience, this is how we optimize the demand generation strategy and ROI of your podcast investment.  We want to help your team position your executive host as thought leaders bringing value in their space.

It does not. Based on what you need, we’ll work with you to find the right podcast hosting platform, such as SimpleCast or others for you, most are a small monthly fee! This is a better long term strategy for the show.

Yes on the Growth Podcast plan we will help identify your guest calendar tied to strategic content and demand generation calendar. We of course will leverage both our network and yours to accomplish this and we can’t guarantee a 100% guest wish list, as some booking confirmations our out of our hands.

We will help guide you on equipment recommendations based on your goals. There are USB mics and also XLR mics there are differences in price, quality and overall your podcast equipment which can include, stands, mixers, video cameras SLDRs, headphones, amplifiers, mic booms, desktop mic arms, shock mounts, pop-filters and sound editing software are all likely technical set up fees, which will depend on your podcast studio space and budget.

Our goal is to produce a high-quality audio and video podcast show for your organization, one your company and guest listeners would be proud to engage with and follow, without necessarily breaking the bank (unless your aim is Grammy award-winning sound).

Yes, we will transcribe all episodes, this is good for on-page SEO and allows for a better experience for listeners of your podcast who want to skim through the text of your episodes.  Also, the text can be repurposed into a blog, allowing for your thought leadership expertise to be shared via a blog post.

Our goal is to produce a high-quality audio and video podcast show for your organization, one your company and guest listeners would be proud to engage with and follow, without necessarily breaking the bank (unless your aim is Grammy award-winning sound).


Our Podcast Launch Package includes branding strategy, positioning, custom cover art, intro/outro/ad creation, voice-overs, and audience growth strategy session plus quarterly podcasting demand generation reviews.

We pragmatically reverse engineer your current demand generation numbers tied to revenue goals, research your core target market or ICPs, and then develop a podcast strategy. Our mission is to get your executives to leverage their thought leadership qualities and influence your potential clients via your organization’s unique podcasting show.

Our experience and our team’s collective business acumen on both the marketing and sales leadership sides of b2b informs us that we need to make deliberate and pragmatic assertions of your revenue goals tied to demand generation, therefore we make sure to include all stakeholders to ensure the investment makes sense and that we are a good fit.