Inbound marketing and demand generation pricing follow an industry’s rule of thumb.  The more relevant and engaging content you produce the faster you will generate site visits and convert customer leads into new business.  

Now, the real questions should be – Are my current marketing and sales programs giving me results?  How much in lost sales AND time is the organization leaving on the table? Time is money. 

Inbound Marketing Pricing Page Time is Money
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Just ask yourself this question, if you knew that you could spend 2x less then one of your traditional marketing methods but get 5x the number of qualified leads into your sales funnel would you invest in that marketing program?  That’s the power of inbound marketing planned and executed flawlessly.  

Demand generation services focused on scalable sales growth.

For inbound marketing to be really effective as a demand generation strategy, it should be multi-channel and built around a long-term strategy. We have over two decades of experience in making it work, but we know that every business is different, so you can use the services package as a baseline that suits you best.

Digitechy offers three demand generation service packages— Growth ($8,500/month), Accelerator ($10,500/month), and Hyper-Growth ($15,000/month).  We are a performance-based consultancy and from decades of experience on the client-side, we know it takes an average of 3-6 months to ramp up and 12-18 months to scale a strategic demand generation revenue engine plan.

Enterprise-level engagements start at ($25,000/month)—all plans can be customized based on your ROI needs and goals. Integrated demand generation marketing campaign budgets and results vary by a client based on multiple factors:

• Brand positioning and awareness
• Sales lifecycle stage
• Lead generation goals
• Competition strength
• Customer base size
• Industry (B2C or B2B)
• Established relationships
• Marketing and sales technology
• Sales team size
• Social media reach and engagement
• Website and blog strength
• Existing content assets

Our integrated revenue generation plans are geared towards producing results – increased website traffic, targeted reach, leads, conversions, and sales. Choose from a standard starter package detailed below, or work with our digital marketing consultants and strategists to build a custom plan based on your unique goals and budgets. Packages include a monthly allotment of marketing and consulting service hours.

The right digital marketing strategy requires an investment in time, money, and people.  

You need to look at the big picture while understanding the many small steps it takes to get from content, thought leadership, demand gen systems, and the people you need to get the desired results from your digital marketing and sales investments.

Typical Monthly Digital Marketing Budget

Management/Consulting: $8,500 – $15,000

Team: $6,600 – $10,500

Software solutions: FREE to $5,500

Business Development Team: $5,000 – $10,500

But before we dive into these investments, take a minute to think about and write down your answers to these three questions:

>What are your desired outcomes?
>What is your vision for the next 12, 18, and 24 months in regards to digital marketing and sales?
>What does success look like for you, your team, and your organization at these milestones?
>Having a better understanding of these three things will help you determine the budget range that is right for you and your organization.

Marketing Demand Professionals (team):

The team you need either in-house or with an agency to get a strong foundational digital marketing team to help drive sales, you’re looking at on average starting salary for a content manager +- $45K salary or more. Broken down per month, that salary equates to roughly $3,300 to $4,200 of your monthly digital marketing budget. You may also be looking to incorporate video into your demand gen marketing strategies.

On average a starting salary for a videographer is the same as a content manager, so you’re looking at roughly $3,300 to $4,200 of your monthly digital marketing budget.  Just these two team members or agency team would be getting your digital marketing budget at a range of $6,600 – $8,400 a month spend. 

We’ve worked with numerous B2B clients in SaaS throughout the years and understand how critical the marketing to sales hand-off is to ensure scalable and predictable growth.  This requires companies to have a dedicated marketing/BDR account manager who will understand how to ensure the demand gen plan and digital marketing and sales programs are working and optimizing them along the way. 

Again a typical starting salary for a marketing AE or BDR manager can range from $55K plus and oftentimes they are incentivized with sales goals and commissions ranging from 3-5% plus monthly or quarterly bonuses.  This can easily be a $4,500 -$6,000 per month salary investment.

MarTech Software Investments

In order to have a data-driven understanding of your work and buyers, you’ll need to invest in marketing automation software like ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, or others.

This will let you track your content ROI and much more.

Imagine for a second that you’ve invested all this time and money into creating and publishing content (with articles and videos) on your website, but you have no way of tracking if it’s helping you generate leads, and more importantly, money.

Marketing automation software gives you the power to track and analyze how the content is performing for your company’s marketing and sales. The automation software can range from FREE (not recommended for long-term strategy) to $5,500 + annually, this is just the software, not an automation specialist or manager to execute on the platform. So, the investment in the people to help you execute automated campaigns, bot flows, work-flow logic, reports, A/B testing, and best practices of setting up and creating monthly demand gen programs. 

The human capital investment and operational cost budget for very specialized digital automation managers can range from $75K annually to 90K+ for a more experienced automation manager.  This would equate to $7,500 to 10,000 plus a month to have a dedicated automation manager as part of your team. 

So, how much should I budget monthly?

$10,500 to $25,000

Now that we’ve broken the typical people you’ll need on the team down individually, it’s time to do something that I generally avoid as much as possible…math. The rubber meets the road in first understanding where you are in your demand growth trajectory and how fast you want to reach your sales goals.

You could certainly spend less than $10,500 and most likely a heck of a lot more than $25,500 on your digital marketing efforts each month, but I hope this breakdown with tier options will give you a better idea of what is possible with your monthly digital marketing budget, and how much you should be spending to reach your desired outcomes.

Even though your monthly costs could be more or less than what we have broken down on this page, I hope this gives you more confidence when planning and executing your monthly digital marketing budgets. No more guesstimating what you think you might spend each month.

How fast do you want to move and do you have a way to track your ROI?

Answer these questions first and then decide which monthly budget option is best for you.

Given the speed at which most companies want to move in order to see ROI for their digital and sales marketing efforts, here are three total pricing tiers you’ll likely find yourself in at Digitechy:

Growth Plan

This is the right plan if:
You’re new to inbound marketing, have a marketing budget, and are willing to use our team as a resource for content creation. You need a partner to help you develop a demand generation strategy, get that strategy off the ground, provide ongoing execution, and optimize results.

Demand Generation Growth Path Plan Pricing

Accelerator Plan

This is the right plan if:
You’re committed to growing through inbound marketing, want to see results quickly, and have the budget for a full-service partner to help you achieve your goals. You need a partner that can take your inbound marketing to the next level while ensuring that your sales team is aligned with these efforts.



This is the right plan if:
You have aggressive growth goals and you need a partner that can generate better traffic, drive demand through thought leadership awareness in your space. We become an extension of your team and work with your sales team to convert new leads into customers. You’re looking for a partner that delivers strategic RESULTS- all for the cost of an in-house marketing executive.


Not sure which plan will suit you best?

Let’s Talk. We Are Here To Help. 

You can implement our demand generation and DRIFT’s revenue accelerator marketing plans in-house or work with us to implement them—it’s up to you! No matter your choice, we’ve found companies that complete at least the first 6-month ramp-up implementation with us, get better, faster demand to revenue results than those that don’t.