How much does inbound marketing cost?

The short answer is, “it depends.”  Inbound marketing pricing follows an industry’s rule of thumb.  The more relevant and engaging content you produce the faster you will generate site visits and convert customer leads into new business.  Now, the real question should be – Are my current marketing programs giving me results?  How much in lost sales is the organization leaving on the table? 

Just ask yourself this question, if you knew that you could spend 2x less then one of your traditional marketing methods but get 5x the number of qualified leads into your sales funnel would you invest in that marketing program?  That’s the power of inbound marketing planned and executed flawlessly.  

Our integrated marketing plans are geared towards producing results – increased website traffic, targeted reach, leads, conversions, and sales.

Choose from a standard package detailed below, or work with our digital marketing consultants and strategists to build a custom edition based on your unique needs and budgets. Packages include a monthly allotment of marketing and consulting service hours.

Select your integrated marketing service package.

Digitechy CREATIVE offers three standard service packages— Basic ($2,800/month), Standard ($3,500/month), and Pro ($7,500/month).  We do not tie you into a 6 month minimum plan contract obligation or add services fees or support charges to our plans.  

We also offer on a retainer plan, our Enterprise level plan ($9,500/month)—all plans can be customized based on your ROI needs and goals. Integrated marketing campaign budgets and results vary by client based on multiple factors:

• Brand positioning and awareness
• Sales lifecycle stage
• Lead generation goals
• Competition strength
• Customer base size
• Industry (B2C or B2B)
• Established relationships
• Marketing technology
• Sales team size
• Social media reach and engagement
• Website and blog strength
• Existing content assets


This is the right plan if:
You’re new to inbound marketing, have a limited budget, and are willing to dedicate internal resources to content creation. You need an agency to help you develop a strategy, get that strategy off the ground, provide ongoing guidance, and optimize results.


This is the right plan if:
You’re committed to growing through inbound marketing, want to see results quickly, and have the budget for a full service partner to help you achieve your goals. You need an agency that can take your inbound marketing to the next level while ensuring that your sales team is aligned with these efforts.


This is the right plan if:
You have aggressive growth goals and you need a partner that can generate more traffic, drive leads, and works with your sales team to convert new leads into customers. You’re looking for an agency that delivers strategic RESULTS- all for the cost of an in-house marketing executive.

Inbound Marketing Pricing Plans

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You can implement our inbound marketing plans in-house or work with us to implement—it’s up to you! No matter your choice, we’ve found companies that complete at least the first month implementation with us, get better, faster inbound marketing results than those that don’t.

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