How to Calculate Your 2019 SLA for Marketing & Sales Alignment

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How to use an Sales Lead Agreement to increase revenue by 20%

Historically, marketing and sales teams have not had the strongest relationships. But companies that align their sales and marketing see an average 20% annual revenue growth, as opposed to the 4% drop among firms who can’t work together.

Marketing and Sales teams agree to SLA

To help you ensure sales and marketing alignment at your company, we’ve built this customisable Service Level Agreement (SLA) template to help you calculate and agree upon your lead goals based on sales headcount and marketing & sales conversion rates.

Service Level Agreement free template

You can use this template to monitor your sales close rates, assign dollar values to lead sources, track your monthly lead generation by channel and commit to a concrete monthly lead generation goal.

Let us share with you a customisable template for calculating & tracking goals with an SLA.

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