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DigiTechy Creative is your strategic digital marketing services performance partner.  We apply our expertise with inbound marketing strategy, conversational marketing chatbots (Drift), pillar content marketing, SEO and PPC research, and marketing automatization software to attract, convert and nurture qualified leads.

Our proven three step model framework increases revenue via strategic sales and marketing alignment. 


 Conversational Marketing

Connect your sales team with future customers NOW

Today’s B2B customers have all the power, and they expect an Amazon and Netflix type of customer journey and experience when looking for any product or service. They conduct 90% of their buyer research on-demand, and by the time they visit your website, they already have a clear idea of the brands they trust and want to do business with. 

So knowing that today’s B2B buyer’s journey has more of a middle or bottom of the funnel intent visit to your website, why wouldn’t you roll out the VIP red carpet to your potential buyers? 

Drift’s chatbots and our conversation marketing services help you to engage in more sales conversations with your future customers NOW. 

Improve Sales Pipeline and Conversion Rates by 3X

90% of B2B companies don’t respond in under 5 minutes

In today’s B2B landscape, you have to provide clients and potential customers with the best user experience, you have less than 2 minutes and up to 5 minutes to engage with them while they are on your website. A recent Harvard Business Review study reported that by responding to your leads in ten minutes rather than five, you decrease your chances of qualifying them by 400 percent. How crazy is that?
automate-your-sales-funnel-with-driftThis is why Drift’s Chatbots powered by AI and designed for growth-driven companies, understand that fundamentally customers have all the power and if you don’t engage with them and help them get answers or resource quickly you’ll loose them forever.

If you want to add conversational marketing to improve your speed to lead, engage with prospective customer’s in real-time and increase your chances to win business, schedule a meeting or chat with us now. 


Strategic Pillar Content for Organic Traffic Growth

To rank highly in searches, your website must have the right pillar and cluster content SEO strategy. To get potential customer to visit your website, they must have engaging, creative and educational content that drives them to your website. 

This is called organic traffic using content both on your website and off your website in high authority websites, this is also know in digital marketing circles as off-page SEO.  Your SEO and pillar content and cluster content strategy is a long-term investment and not for the impatient or companies looking for an immediate spike in traffic or leads.

SEO is a marathon not a sprint, typically your website will begin to reap the lead generation and increased traffic benefits of a strategic SEO program between six to nine months. 

This is definitely worth your time and investment as getting Google to organically rank you higher than your competitors.

Let’s set up a call today to discuss  your content pillar strategy to ge more qualified visitor’s on your website. 

Website Growth Driven Design 

Whether you want your website on the HubSpot COS or WordPress, our team can craft a website search engines and potential buyers will love. We are experts at SEO strategy and optimizing websites for conversions and user experience. We have a well-defined website process to get your new website up-and-running to begin capturing and nurturing qualified leads quickly. Our in-house team has designed many websites for many industries-using leading platforms.


Guy Kawaski understand inbound marekting

If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing.
If you have more brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.

Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist


Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound marketing services begin with a strategy focused on attracting potential buyers to your company through compelling content offers. Through a detailed buyer persona development process—what we calI our Buyer Insight Process—we become experts in who your buyers are, where they spend their time online and how they make buying decisions. This allows us to create and promote the right content in the right place at the right time.

Today’s consumers and decision makers are on-the-go, mobile savvy, global and search for your services or your competitors at their convenience.  More than ever it is crucial to be your industry’s online knowledge source for your products and services and its essential to meet prospective buyers where they are naturally searching for your products or services-online.

Inbound Marketing Services - Buyer Persona Process

We will work closely with you to develop a custom inbound and conversational marketing program tied to lead generation efforts to drive sales revenue goals. Every client benefits from the attention of a full account team with a dedicated conversational marketing strategist, content specialist, video marketing expert, and digital marketing consultant.

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