Buyer Persona Mapping

Identifying your ideal customer is key

A Buyer Persona Process

What is the buyer persona process? It may seem like a simple marekting question, but don’t be fooled it’s absolutely the most critical marketing question to build the right digital marketing strategy for your business.  In essence, a buyer persona is a fictious description of your ideal prospective customer(s)their age, demographic, buying process behaviour, preferred methods of communication, etc.

A buyer persona process model is designed to help Identify the critical roles or job titles of buyer personas, where they spend time online, what their decision making process is and also what influencers impact their buyer journey, all these factors are taken into account when developing a customized buyer persona process plan.  The buyer persona process plan is only effective when it is mapped to your content strategy and buyer’s journey.


The more accurately you can identify your buyer persona(s), their traits, preferences and buying decisions making process, the more tailored your digital marketing content and campaigns will be to gain their trust, peak their interest about your products or services and ultimately earn their business and loyalty.

Know Your Best Customer – Be Insights Ready

At Digitechy Creative we have designed a comprehensive 360 degree view of the buyer persona process, one which allows you to understand your current customers, prospective customers and also your lost opportunity prospects. We create the buyer persona profiles by following a very pragamatic approach, that has been researched and designed with industry experts to ensure our content strategy mapping and marketing campaigns provide successful outcomes.

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You can implement our recommendations in-house or work with us to implement—it’s up to you! No matter your choice, we’ve found companies that complete the Buyer Persona Process, get better, faster inbound marketing results than those that don’t.

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