Creating a Content Flywheel to Build Brand Affinity Via A MasterClass Series with Gabriel Lim, Co-founder & CEO of

Creating a Content Flywheel and Brand Affinity via Saleswhale Masterclass Series with Gabriel Lim Cofounder and CEO

Episode Summary

In this episode, we have a very special guest Gabriel Lim who is Co-founder and CEO of a Sales Engagement AI platform, which helps to not let the middle of the funnel leads fall through the cracks.

He’s a software engineer from his academic and professional background which led to his curiosity playing around with Gmail’s APIs and TensorFlow deep ML AI to build and become the co-founder and CEO of

Saleswhale and the team were accepted to be part of the Y Combinator class of 2016 and he’s been building out a platform ever since. Saleswhale’s platform works nicely to help marketing and sales teams drive more revenue via automating intelligently their middle-of-the-funnel neglected leads to nurture them into SQLs in a more scalable and pragmatic matter.

We deep dive into his founder’s journey taking an APAC SaaS company fully into the U.S. market.

He also shared with us his pragmatic and scientific method approach to creating powerful and relevant content strategies to build up the right type of sales demand for Saleswhale.

He’s a true practitioner of what he preaches and with his marketing team has created a very interesting master-class webinar series, think podcast-style content in a webinar/office hour typesetting which features and highlights some high-level SaaS experts.

He unveils what process he follows to get the brand growth Saleswhale has been able to reach over the last year or so, it’s not rocket science, but it does take some pretty smart planning and execution.

Gabriel also shared his philosophy on how to prepare your sales team and leadership team for failure, if you don’t have marketing campaigns fail, you’re likely not experimenting enough and he clearly describes his stance and process behind calculated failures.

Show Notes & Bio

Gabriel Lim shares his 5-year journey from being accepted to the Y Combinator (YC-S16) class in San Francisco for his launch of from Singapore to the U.S. market.

Fast forward to 2021 and has had incredible growth and being named by G2Crowds top High User Adoption Best of Spring 2021, High Performer Spring 2021, and Best Support Spring 2021.

If you’ve been following Gabriel, as I have had the pleasure to do so over the last year or so, you’ll notice an interesting pattern of high-quality, engaging, and well thoroughly planned out content execution on LinkedIn and other platforms.

We deep dive into his scientific method approach and how he creates a framework of planning and reverse engineering his team’s content engine to drive demand and inevitably turn followers into revenue.

He also is generous in sharing his point of view on failures, why he feels it’s important to have marketing campaign failures, and how that buys trust and credibility in terms of latitude from other C-levels and sales when you are up-front about expectations of experimenting with content campaigns.

There are many nuggets and key takeaways for other SaaS founders and heads of marketing or sales in this episode.

I’m certain you’ll get even more from this episode by following Gabriel on LinkedIn, signing up for his newly minted newsletter, and reaching out to him about Saleswhale.

Creating a Content Flywheel and Brand Affinity via Saleswhale Masterclass Series with Gabriel Lim Cofounder and CEO

The four key content flywheel take-aways he covers in more detail during the full podcast:

  1. How to work from a scientific method to create content that solves problems and resonates
  2. How to approach entering the U.S. market if you’re a SaaS company from APAC or abroad
  3. How transparency in the funnel and leveraging Saleswhale can lead to 2X more conversions
  4. Why it’s important to keep the middle of the funnel engaged to help build pipeline sales and close velocity

Bio and Contact information: Gabriel Lim 

Co-Founder and CEO at * MasterClass Series Host * G2 Crowd High User Adoption Spring 21 | G2 Crowd High Supporter Spring 21 | G2 Crowd Best Support Spring 21

To learn more about his bio and current role, he can be reached to connect on LinkedIn

Twitter Profile: @sg_gabriel

Gabriel’s Book Recommendation:

Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It

Ogilvy on Advertising

The Dream Machine

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