Accelerating's User to 20M Plus by Leveraging Product Marketing Strategies with CMO Jeff Perkins

Jeff Perkins's User Growth to 20 Million Plus by Leveraging Product Marketing and Demand Strategies

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, we have a very special guest Jeff Perkins, CMO & Head of Product at

We delve into his career journey from advertising agencies into executive marketing and product marketing roles with b2b SaaS companies.

He discusses his unique career path, which started grinding it out in the NYC advertising industry. Jeff worked at Euro RSCG Worldwide (now called Havas) as an Account Director where he led all digital advertising efforts for the Volvo brand. He also shares how he had the unique opportunity to develop the ad campaign that launched Howard Stern on Sirius Satellite Radio in 2005.

His advertising days with giants Saatchi & Saatchi afforded him with the unique experiences to work on a diverse variety of brands including Tide, HBO, Pepsi, Michelin, Office Depot, Fruit Roll-Ups, Rockport, and Hasbro.

We discuss how used its expansive parking and customer data and turned it into multiple reports which they shared the information with parking operators in order to help cities, municipalities, and venues better understand how people were moving around during the changing pandemic landscape.

Jeff and his team managed to leverage their thought leadership content to become trusted advisors and to keep growing their footprint to over 400 locations during the 2020’s pandemic and into today’s current 2021 state.

Jeff shares how he thinks his origins on the advertising side have made a lasting impact on the approach to product marketing and his go-to-market strategies at ParkMobile.

Show Notes & Bio

He also feels strongly that to get to the C-level it’s not about chasing the title, but really always be focused, curious and smart about how to add value and solve problems to help achieve the business goals of an organization.

Jeff shares how important product marketing and understanding the customer from a product marketing perspective has allowed for him to better serve as a CMO and more trusted C-Level partner at ParkMobile.

He shares with us some of his book recommendations, which are not your typical business books, which have provided him with some inspiration for his marketing strategies.

As leaders are readers, he has also authored his first book brutally authentically titled, “How Not to Suck at Marketing”, soon to be released this year.

You can get more information about his book and professional background at

Jeff Perkin CMO & Product Marketing ParkMobile SmartChickens Episode

Three key take-aways he covers in more detail during the full podcast:

  1. Former SEs can become excellent product marketers
  2. Focus on adding value not chasing titles
  3. Lead product marketing from client-centric perspectives
Jeff Perkins CMO ParkMobile Hot Not to Suck at Marketing Book

Bio and Contact information: Jeff Perkins

Prior to being the current CMO & Head of Product at ParkMobile, Jeff was the CMO of QASymphony (now called Tricentis) where he helped grow revenue 500% over a three-year period, leading to a $40 million Series C. He also has held senior leadership positions at PGi and AutoTrader. Jeff started his career grinding it out in the NYC ad industry at Saatchi & Saatchi. His experiences range from traditional to digital, B2C to B2B, and agency-side to client-side. Jeff’s work has earned him numerous accolades including the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s MAX Award and the Technology Association of Georgia’s Award for Marketing Executive of the Year. Jeff received his BA from American University and MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School where he is now an adjunct professor. He lives in Atlanta with his awesome wife, two adorable daughters (ages 9 and 12), and two poorly behaved dogs

To learn more about his bio and current role, he can be reached to connect on LinkedIn

Twitter Profile: @jeffperkins8

Websites (Company Website) (Blog) (Book)


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