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Grow Your Technology & Software Company with Inbound Marketing

Our team understands software and technology or SaaS marketing from an insider’s perspective.  Our leadership team has worked in SaaS technology organizations both from techy start-ups to enterprise level technology organizations. 

We fully understand the long sales cycle of the B2B software and the buyers journey.  Let us take years of best practices with proven lead generation strategies that identify and target your prospective technology decision makers in the C-level suite.  We can co-create your unique value propositions, develop specific buyer personas (Directors of IT, CEOs, COOs, and CTOs, and other decision makers) and build strategic lead generation and branding programs.  

Disruptive technology companies fully leverage inbound marketing to grow their brand awareness, improve lead generation quality and scale their business.

Software and Technology Inbound Marketing

Software & Technology Vision

We can co-create ideas into executable and effective lead generation inbound marketing programs.  Let’s develop a clear picture of the perfect end-user of your technology, how your software is different, and how you are positioned as a disruptive or trail blazer Magic Quadrant-type provider in the marketplace.

Software and Technology Inbound Marketing

Aligning Sales & Marketing

We know that having an aligned sales and marketing strategy is key to be effective in the acquisition phase of your inbound marketing plan. Lets build the right process, whether you have an inside sales team or outside sales team or a combination of both. The critical part is to make the process easy and intuitive for both marketing and sales.

Software and Technology Inbound Marketing to Monetize

Monetize Clients & Scale

Once your software company develops into a dominant player in the space, sustaining growth, building new products or pursuing acquisition by a larger company become primary goals. To do this, you need to follow a plan that scales revenue growth with performance and brand reputation.

Successful software and technology companies develop:

Superior Branding across all social media channels and industry forums

Leading positions in search engines and content syndication networks

Proven growth in marketing KPIs and other performance metrics

Sound and proven marketing investments will yield to high returns. That’s what you get with proactive inbound marketing outreach. Highly skilled Digitechy CREATIVE consultants understand how to nurture technology buyers through each step, while gaining intelligence on competitors in the space.

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