Inbound + Outbound and Account-Based Sales and Marketing Drive Results

Let’s face it the B2B landscape is bloated and the buyers have all the power. Regardless of which B2B industry you are in, the buyer’s journey hasn’t changed much over the years and is heavily split into the bottom of the funnel and top of the funnel.

What has changed is that more than 90% of the buyer’s journey in b2b markets is already made-on-demand by your prospective customers.

That means that the middle of the funnel or customers in the potential “consideration stage” of the funnel or as sales teams might call it the gray murky tire-kicking area is where you and competitors have to really differentiate and work smarter not harder to win new business.

We know launching demand programs can feel overwhelming, even for experienced marketers and sales ops teams.  We can help you launch your demand engine flywheel by creating an effective inbound marketing and outbound strategy.

Our programs focus on using account-based marketing (AMB) strategy from our client’s CRM and combine it with uniquely personalized BDR/SDR programs (our team or yours) and all based on research gathered from our reverse engineering your demand gen to sales revenue Marketing Assessment Plan (M.A.P.TM) framework and Drift’s conversational marketing blueprint.

Our M.A.P.TM process allows us to conduct a deep dive analysis of your current marketing strategies and their alignment with your business objectives.  First, we’ll review your sales and marketing goals, we use this data to map out a reverse-engineered process of demand generation to qualified sales leads for revenue goal attainment. We also evaluate your overall marketing strategy, conduct a competitor analysis, and review your website’s usability, structure, and messaging.


Now armed with your M.A.P.TM process interview findings and data-driven insights we begin to curate a buyer specific pillar content strategy. This content strategy will be weaved throughout your website and in all your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, such as video marketing campaigns, email marketing, webinars, eBooks, blogs, conversational marketing via Drift chatbots playbooks and generally in your overall SEO and demand generation strategy.

Then, we immerse ourselves in your business by interviewing employees, customers, and “almost customers” (sales you count as “closed-lost”) and create a detailed report outlining our recommendations for communicating effectively with your primary buyer personas.

Our goal is to build the right demand generation ecosystem with the right tech platforms, processes, and people.

Lastly, we develop a very detailed plan with custom forecasting projections of your specific demand generation programs. In addition, we also co-develop an ROI tracking report into your CRM to measure results month to month. This extensive report outlines the progress of all your omnichannel marketing and sales campaigns focusing on qualified sales lead activity into your sales pipeline. This is where we see measure demand generation attribution to all campaigns, velocity in the sales cycle, CAC, and MRR forecast of your sales funnel for upcoming quarters.

Our digital inbound and conversational marketing experts are here to help you assess, plan and execute a digital sales and marketing strategy via our M.A.P.TM methodology. Our sole goal is to help you achieve real business growth.  We look forward to discussing your business goals. Schedule a free consultation call today or chat with us now.


First, tell us a little bit about your company, budget paramaters, and service needs, this will help us for our M.A.P call.