Top 6 Digital Marketing Tools & Trends to Grow Your Business in 2018

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Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business in 2018

The changing landscape of marketing from the early 1990’s when the internet and digital marketing were merely in their infancy to today’s digital marketing space is astonishing. Can we say Myspace or Netscape Navigator and AOL? Now, let’s fast forward to our present day state of marketing. It has evolved into a sophisticated and personalized digital marketing and inbound marketing space. The consumption of digital content through smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops is exponentially growing year over year with no signs of slowing down.  The growth in digital consumption by consumers is a key trigger for any company, regardless of the industry and it’s essential that you invest in digital marketing to meet this new customer consumption cycle.

Give your customers what they want. They want to search online and compare, read reviews, follow your social media channels, check out a few videos, ask questions on Chat, do all the pre-buy mode stuff before they decide to buy or engage with your business. 

Although digital marketing has not completely replaced the traditional forms of customer marketing, it has become a force that is continuously altering these traditional tactics. Digital marketing is increasingly making traditional marketing channels and methods obsolete or at the very least no longer cost effective.

Traditional or interruption marketing methods have lost much of their effectiveness in the last decade plus. Paper-based newspapers have turned to digital annual subscriptions, books and even TV and radio commercials are no longer the most targeted routes for marketing prospective consumers and buyers. Today’s consumer and audiences can tune out all the traditional channel noise. They can DVR through commercials, and subscribe to commercial free music apps to listen to music. What today’s real time and connected tech savvy consumers and clients want is to buy on their terms, their time and on their mobile devices during lunch or on the weekends.

The digital methods of communication are “much faster, more cost effective, typically using up 3-5X less of your budget, more versatile, personalized and streamlined.” I’ve decided to compile my personal list of top 6 digital marketing tools and trends that will help any business grow in 2018:

Six digital marketing trends and tools to use in 2018 to help grow your business:

#1 Websites need to have an SEO and Content strategy to attract the right customers at the right time and earn better rankings on Google, Bing and other browsers based on their relevant and useful content.  My Pro TIP: Your business should check out this software allows you to monitor your competitor’s keywords, their page authority, their domain authority and back links. Now, the tool will not help you much on it’s own if you don’t build an inbound marketing and buyer persona content strategy. This strategy should be based on the data and insights MOZ provides you with. Overtime, typically around the 6 months mark you should start to see your own website’s SEO improvements. Your domain authority and page authority should also begin to increase if you are pragmatically creating and executing a well planned SEO content strategy.

#2 Chatbots and other Artificial Intelligence marketing platforms are now positioned to revolutionize your “speed to lead” and customer service online, this technology is fairly new but can be very helpful and I recommend trying out HubSpot’s ChatBots and or’s, chat platform.

My Pro TIP: If your business is competing for clients or customers online, and you have an inside sales team, having a chat bot or chat program can be extremely valuable. Your customers already know what they are looking for and might just want a quick interaction for a specific question or may want to gauge your customer service experience. This is why having a chat bot or chat program can help you push your online customers through their sales journey and convert their real-time questions into a new sale.

#3 Email marketing is only as good as your database, subscribe to an awesome platform to build your database list and improve your email conversions. Noah Kagan and his team have built an incredible platform and they are always improving their solutions. I recommend you try their tools to automate your sites growth.

My Pro TIP: Yes, you may think you have a good database, but net new customers that voluntarily opt-in to your newsletter or want to download one of your helpful eBooks or try a free demo of your software, that’s where you can gain a new sale and potentially future referral business from this newly acquired client.  I have personally used for a number of clients and it’s a no-brainer, it works and it helps you to grow your database. It’s simple to use and allows you to get real-time synchronized opted-in new customers right into whichever email platform you currently use, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc. With your growing new customer database, you can segment the opted in list and send them personalized email offers of your products and services, your monthly promotional newsletter, a free software demo link, etc….

#4 Blogs or Video Blogs, better known as Vlogs should be part of your content strategy and one tip from Gary Vee that I found interesting was his recommendation on how to keep your content fresh and relevant. His simple idea is to follow what’s trending and make it relevant to your business.

My Pro TIP:  Create short and entertaining videos using software like AnimatronVideo, this makes your content more clickable and typically provides better click through rates on your website, or email marketing if you embed short videos. Keep content creative by following what’s trending on Reddit, Blogger and or follow your industry’s premier subject matter expert on Twitter.  Get inspired by what’s trending and relevant to your audience, and then blog or vlog about it.

#5 Internet display banner ads or PPC related ads are not always that effective and very much circa 1990’s.  If you want to cut through the clutter use  Hyper IP Targeting to get on average 5x better lead conversion results at a third of the cost.

My Pro TIP: You should carefully analyze how much your spending on Google AdWords and follow your PPC leads in your CRM daily or weekly. If you’re not seeing conversions, then lower your daily or monthly spend. A second place to look to improve your PPC efforts is to check your landing pages from your PPC ads. You can develop and run some A/B testing, and if that doesn’t move the needle in terms of increasing sales conversions, look to cut your losses and reallocate your PPC budget to something different such as Hyper IP Targeting. I have personally spent over $10K a month on PPC in a very competitive industry only to find that it doesn’t convert into sales better than other less expensive marketing tactics and campaigns.

#6 Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc.), there are many good resources here, but one that I highly recommend is because it is an easy and cost effective platform to add SMS, and MMS marketing to your arsenal of mobile first targeted marketing.

My Pro TIP: At the very least you need to ensure that your website is mobile friendly, which is not the same as mobile optimized. Ensure that all your communication channels, from email marketing to video marketing and social media channels have a mobile first approach.

See the infographic below which illustrates clearly why you need to have a mobile first approach to your digital marketing.

2017 mobile usage stats 51% of Searches are Mobile

2017 mobile usage stats 51% of Searches are Mobile



Digital marketing is first and foremost on average 3X to 5X more affordable than traditional offline marketing. It typically has 2-3X higher conversion rate of turning marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into new sales. If you are just starting up your company or thinking how can I get an early start for my 2018 marketing and sales goals, a consistent and well planned digital marketing plan is necessary.  Your next well planned and executed email or a social media campaign can transmit your message for the merest fraction cost of a TV ad or print campaign. These methods can also easily be tracked and monitored in real-time. You get instant results and can determine what works best for you and your audience. This allows direct access to customer response rates and their click through behavior. Measure the success of your marketing campaign in real-time, and plan even more effectively for the next one.

Yet the strongest case for the need for digital marketing is that is that digital media forms are quickly overtaking traditional forms of information consumption. “According to the Office for National Statistics, over 82% of adults went online in the first three months of this year: that’s over 40 million individuals.” Also, the mobile search stats have surpassed desktop and laptop search, 51% of web visits are now mobile, that’s up 25% year over year.

The digital age has been here now for a while, and it is easier now more than ever to take advantage of the many benefits it offers businesses who intelligently incorporate it into their marketing  and sales growth plan. For more information, feel free to reach out to Marisol Lopera Jimenez at or click here to schedule a free digital marketing consultation.










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