Modern Websites Combine Design and Conversion Paths

Growth-Driven Website Redesign Services

How people view your company is a major factor in staying competitive. A well-designed, easy-to-navigate, user-friendly website gives your customers and potential buyers the right impression about your company and encourages them to learn more about your products or services. A website that speaks to buyers at every stage of the buyer journey will convert and nurture more qualified leads.

We also can help you to select hosting platforms and establish or integrate your business CRM with all the necessary KPI dashboards. Our goal is to provide your company with the Growth-Driven Design (GDD) approach. GDD embraces agile methodologies and focuses on developing a data-driven website that is constructed with adaptability and flexibility in mind. We prioritize consistency and persona-appropriateness in copy, design, UX, and UI.

Our Website GDD Process Explained 

We work directly with your company’s key stakeholders (sales, marketing, customer support, finance, and operations, etc.) to understand your business model, sales goals, and brand messaging. The UX/UI discovery call and sales strategy call allows us to ensure we understand what your customers expect from an excellent website journey experience

The DigiTechy Creative approach toward a better user experience is what sets us apart. We infuse creativity along our efficient three-stage process of discovery, planning & analysis, and execution, we create a website your buyers will love.

Our Growth-Driven Web Design Proven Process.

We use a framework of growth-driven design principles of user research and continuous improvement, our agile process will deliver you a world-class website that outperforms your competitors.

Step 1

During the discovery phase, we’ll determine and better understand your website users/customers as well as identify the elements necessary to build your site. First, we create User Profiles, which will help us determine user pain points, common website user paths similar website users take and begin to roadmap out your UX/UI wire frames.

Step 2

Next, we determine User Journeys to ensure your users/customers can navigate effectively and intuitively in order to convert, sign up or purchase with ease. We are in pre-coding and development mode and create a visual representation of the user work flows for activities and actions to identify areas for improvement.

Step 3

Finally we take everything we decided to use from our planning, competitor analysis, website design wire-frames and customer journeys to develop a website with creative content, modernly branded web design and web development.

How Much Does a Website from Digitechy Cost?

Our website development team helps companies with redesign budgets of $10,000 or more. With complex websites, such as eCommerce sites or very specifically tailored B2b sites, ranging from $25,000 to $75,000. Many factors influence this cost, but there are three primary variables.

Website Size

The number of site pages is one of the most important variables in pricing, as the time required to complete the project will typically scale with a site’s size.

Content Strategy

Where and how content will be sourced or created (and by whom) can determine how complex a project will be, as well as how long it will take to complete.

Tech Stack

Technical website requirements (plugins, e-commerce functionality, portals, marketing automation CMS back-end implementations, etc.) also influence the cost, complexity, and timeline of a website redesign project.

Ready to Take Your Growth-Driven Website Redesign to Next Level. We Are Here To Help. 

We can help you redesign your website with UX/UI best practices which are optimal for inbound and conversational marketing.  Our expert UX designers and consultants will ensure that your new website is ready to convert your visitors into happy customers.  We will bring to life your new website with a specific and strategically designed User Experience process.

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